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What differentiates the pro diamond art crafters from the beginners is these techniques. But whether you’re new to the art or a master, what’s important is to have fun and relax while doing the activity. Knowing these tips will help you finish your art piece quicker and in a much more convenient way. Immerse your diamond painting pen tool into the wax that is included in your kit. Open up the container and dip one end of the pen so that it will be sticky enough to pick up the gems. Following tip number one, use your pen tool to pick up gems. Softly press the pen tip against the top part of the gem and lift the pen away...

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The diamond painting experience is not complete without these awesome tools that will make you feel like a pro diamond painter. Whether you’re a beginner or a master in the art, these tools will definitely up your mosaic game: 1. Roller This simple tool flattens your finished work to make it look more crisp and solid. Simply press the roller against your painting to make the diamond stick more tightly to the canvas.  2. Bead Container This plastic box makes sure that you don’t lose any gems in the process of creating your art. It’s a great way to keep your parts organized.  3. Drilling Mud/Paste Sticker This essential accessory will come in handy when your gems lose stickiness. Simply apply a small...

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For millenia, mosaics have been used as decoration on walls and many famous monuments. It involves the use of different colored materials to create a picture, a stunning work of art. In modern times, mosaics have evolved into a trendy craft and art form. Diamond painting is a simple and fun hobby for artists and craft lovers of all ages. Quite simply, it is the art of gluing gem-cut rhinestone to a textile canvas to create a stunning 5D picture. Similar to the idea of mosaics and “paint by numbers”, diamond painting uses mini rhinestone gems that are similar to diamonds to form beautiful designs and colorful patterns to create complete pictures that are shiny and sparkly. As compared to...

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