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The diamond painting experience is not complete without these awesome tools that will make you feel like a pro diamond painter. Whether you’re a beginner or a master in the art, these tools will definitely up your mosaic game:

1. Roller

This simple tool flattens your finished work to make it look more crisp and solid. Simply press the roller against your painting to make the diamond stick more tightly to the canvas.

 2. Bead Container

This plastic box makes sure that you don’t lose any gems in the process of creating your art. It’s a great way to keep your parts organized.

 3. Drilling Mud/Paste Sticker

This essential accessory will come in handy when your gems lose stickiness. Simply apply a small portion of this to the backside of the non-sticky diamond and it’s ready to go.

 4. LED Light Tablet

Working in the dark? Have poor eyesight? Never fear, the LED light tablet is here! Place your canvas on top of the tablet while working to really illuminate the outlines and markers. No more need to squint your eyes when looking for the correct slot to place your gems into.

 5. Light Pen

The light pen serves a similar purpose to the LED light tablet, except the pen give a more close-up lighting. Illuminate the exact area you’re working on to make sure you’re putting the correct colors on a particular spot.

 6. Tweezers

The tweezers make it easier to hold and place those tiny gems. If you have big fingers, this useful tool is definitely for you. It eliminates the problem of accurate placing.

 7. Plate

The plate is an excellent way to sort your diamonds into color categories. Are you looking for only blue or red gems? Use these plates to separate gems according to color.

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