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What differentiates the pro diamond art crafters from the beginners is these techniques. But whether you’re new to the art or a master, what’s important is to have fun and relax while doing the activity. Knowing these tips will help you finish your art piece quicker and in a much more convenient way.

  1. Immerse your diamond painting pen tool into the wax that is included in your kit. Open up the container and dip one end of the pen so that it will be sticky enough to pick up the gems.
  2. Following tip number one, use your pen tool to pick up gems. Softly press the pen tip against the top part of the gem and lift the pen away from the tray. The gem that is stuck to the pen is now ready for placing on the canvas.
  3. Accurately place the gem on its corresponding square slot. When you pull the pen awa, the gems will stick to the canvas. Congratulations, you’ve successfully placed your first gem. Continue doing it for the rest of the picture and you’ll have a beautiful work of art in no time.
  4. Work on one section at a time. Complete the rest of the square slot in a particular area before working on the next. Use one color category at a time and refill the pen with gel every once in a while. When you finish filling an area with one color category, start with the next. This is a faster and better way to keep organized.
  5. Peel away a bigger part of the plastic covering as you go along. Remove it completely when you’re almost finished. This gives you more space to work on the canvas.

And those are the top 5 techniques to create your own diamond painting art. Continue using the above techniques and soon enough you’ll have a stunning masterpiece, created entirely by yourself, to hang on the wall for home decoration. 

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