1. For millenia, mosaics have been used as decoration on walls and many famous monuments. It involves the use of different colored materials to create a picture, a stunning work of art. In modern times, mosaics have evolved into a trendy craft and art form.

Diamond painting is a simple and fun hobby for artists and craft lovers of all ages. Quite simply, it is the art of gluing gem-cut rhinestone to a textile canvas to create a stunning 5D picture. Similar to the idea of mosaics and “paint by numbers”, diamond painting uses mini rhinestone gems that are similar to diamonds to form beautiful designs and colorful patterns to create complete pictures that are shiny and sparkly. As compared to paint by numbers, in diamond painting you are using very small, flat-backed crystals that you stick to the canvas instead of using paint.

There are literally unlimited creative designs and pictures to choose from for your next diamond art project. From cats and kittens, birds, butterflies, classic cars, dolphins, flowers, landscapes, vistas, lions, tigers, mountains, nature, mermaids, mandalas, fairies, abstract pieces, and literally anything you can think of under the sun, there’s a diamond painting kit for that. You can also have your own photo turned into a personalized diamond painting kit! One of the best and most trusted Diamond Painting Stores online is Diamond Art Painter at www.DiamondArtPainter.com. They have extremely high-quality kits, tools, and accessories to immerse you in the complete 5D DIY diamond mosaic painting experience.

At first the activity may seem complicated and difficult to finish, but as you go along you’ll realize that it is rather a very relaxing and fun thing to do. Gather your family and friends and have a holistic family bonding time with diamond painting!