Our Story

Founded in 2016,  Diamond Art Painter was born out of a passion for arts & crafts and a desire to find a new creative outlet to express myself and help relieve the everyday stress and anxiety of modern day life.


 As much as I loved this exciting new craft art, I was disappointed with the diamond art kits available, so I set out to create the very best diamond painting kits & help spread the word of the therapeutic benefits of Diy Diamond Painting. 

Craft's are a meditative outlet

" I get an inner peace through working with my hands, there's a feeling of satisfaction in having finished something so beautiful. You reveal something extraordinary...it becomes part of you. It has meaning."
                                                                                                   Diamond Art Painter Founder- Christopher Fisher 



 Art Therapy

I soon discovered that placing sparkling little diamonds onto super sticky color- coded canvas designs was not only therapeutic but also served as an effective way to relieve stress & anxiety for the whole family!

  Top Shelf Quality

  Today, Diamond Art Painter is proud to make the very best diamond painting kits available anywhere in the world! 
Our kits include all basic tools & the best features with every kit :
       ✅  Gem-cut ultra shiny drills     
       ✅  Premium hi-definition designs
       ✅  Free Replacement drills       
       ✅  Medical grade adhesive
       ✅  All inclusive tool kit             
       ✅  Heavy duty canvas backing 
       ✅  Heirloom quality               
       ✅  Obscure hard to find designs



Our Location

We're a customer focused US-based company headquartered in St.Petersburg, Florida.

We ship our products directly from our overseas manufacturing partners.

Shipping typically takes between 12-30 business days.

Live in the USA ?  Great !! we also offer an ever expanding collection of unique designs that deliver in 5-15 days!  All orders have a processing time of 1-3 days.



The Diamond Art Painter Difference 

Easy to read 

Hi-definition printing
process with clear
easy-to-read symbols.


Heirloom Quality  

Forever scratch & fade 
resistant.  Made to last
a lifetime.


Shimmer Sparkle Bling

Our brilliant acrylic diamond
drills are gem-cut for the highest
light-reflectivity & shine factor!


Durable Soft Canvases

Each design comes printed on a
super soft canvas backing with
medical grade adhesive that rolls
out smne wcraftooth & wrinkle free. 


Earth Friendly Company

Diamond Art Painter is committed to
sourcing eco-friendly materials that
are 100% toxin free 



5D Diamond Art Painting is an engaging new hobby craft the whole family can enjoy! 


We offer diamond painting tips for beginners & all the tools and accessories needed to quickly learn & master this fabulous new craft. 



So whether your creating stunning decorative art for holiday gifts or birthday presents for family & friends.. you'll feel excited to show off your finished pieces of Diamond Art !! 

  Welcome to the world of Diamond painting!