DIY Diamond Painting Kit - Lion King-CJ-3193-Full Square 20X30cm-Diamond Art Painter

DIY Diamond Painting Kit - Lion King

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✅-  Full Square Drill Design

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Diamond Painting is the latest trend in the hobby and handicraft scene. Create your own personal work of art.  Our sets contain everything you need to have fun with the whole family. 

Choose your favourite design and start straight away. Little by little an incredible work of art is created, which gives your living space a very individual touch. Your friends are sure to wonder how you created such a masterpiece.

Choose from various designs from the most different categories like animals, city life, art, landscapes, buildings and history. Get started today!

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1.Refer to the comparison tale on the canvas to identify each diamond number which corresponds to a printed area on the canvas.

2. Fill the pen with glue, put the diamonds into the plate.

3.Use the pen head to stick multiple diamond drills.

4. Tear apart the partial film and stick the diamond to the canvas according to the corresponding number.

5. Tweezers could easily clip three diamonds make drilling easier.

6. After finished, slightly press down diamonds with hand or book to keep them firmly attached.