Halloween Passion

Halloween Passion

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Ready For Halloween

♬Super Quality: Diamonds will never fade, more vibrant and brilliant than the resin diamonds. Natural high clear printing ecologic canvas has even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky background and plastic overtop to keep the picture sticky and then the gems will hold, so that you are easy to complete the picture

♬Method of usage: Refer to the canvas list and find the drill number, place a small amount of clay in the drill pen tip, and use the pen to absorb the diamond, and then put the diamonds onto the canvas, very convenient to use

♬Leisure activity: Diamond painting is a relaxing activity, not only to help people enjoy time, but it also can help people calm down and feel more patient, reducing stress and enhancing self-confidence while stimulating creativity for adults and kids.

♬Long-term Preservation - Finished project can be kept for more than 20 years. Perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom, make it more special and creative

♬Perfect gift: DIY diamond painting can enhance your hands on ability and be good bonding experience for family. It is the most popular DIY decoration currently. Jack Skellington is popular. Perfect birthday gift or festival gift for the ones  you love.